MarkhamHawkeye Skating- where we care about your house. You may have just shifted into your new home, or had all of your kids finally move out- no matter where you are in life one thing remains constant, your love for your house. I’m Markham Bolyard and as a homeowner, home maintenance specialist and a family man, I know how important a house is.

At Hawkeye Skating we recognize that a home brings a family together, and that is why we love bringing you home improvement tips and tricks. If you’re ever feeling down, or feel like you need to change things up around the house, then you can make use of the hundreds of ideas on this site. From replacing your window sills to remodeling your kitchen, there is so much you can do in the house that will change how it looks completely. Often living in a house that needs repairs can be dangerous- even a broken stair can be a big hazard especially if you live with children. This is why we have an entire section dedicated to home repairs. Learn how to make small repairs yourself so you never have to rely on anyone else. DIY repairs are cost-effective, take up very little time and allow you to live in a safe, comfortable house.